Works start on conserving the Saloon

The saloon covered in protection

One of the finest surviving Robert Adam ceilings and arguably the most important English carpet in the Trust’s care will be expertly restored this year in front of visitors. Your membership helps us do important conservation work like this.

In the Saloon, almost 250 years of wear and tear have taken their toll. The ceiling and carpet are in a very fragile state and require urgent remedial conservation treatment. 

This spring conservators will add support to the linen threads; remove damaged areas and infill stitching by hand to match the original colours. A reweave of 98m² carpet will be commissioned and made by Axminster that will allow visitors to get further into the room and so much closer to the rest of the collection in the saloon.

The conservatio team roll the carpet
The conservation team roll the large carpet

Up above specialist conservators will begin a programme of conservation on the plasterwork, they will clean and make good the ceiling’s paint and plaster, filling cracks and retouching. A scaffold structure will mean you can get closer to the ceiling than ever before. 

Marvel at Robert Adam's classical Saloon at Saltram House
A man and women look up the elborate ceiling in the Saloon at Saltram

Not quite as you expect

Works within the Saloon will be taking place until the end of the year so please bear in mind that the Saloon may not look quite how you expect.

Works start on conserving the carpet
The conservation team start work on the Axminster carpet in the saloon

Here's a picture showing how the Saloon looks usually without major conservation works.

Marvel at Robert Adam's classical Saloon at Saltram House.
View of Saltram's Robert Adam Saloon with chandeliers