2018 Exhibition - Cecilia's Story: A Life in Letters

Discovering the house at Sizergh

Explore Cecilia Strickland's life at Sizergh in the eighteenth century, through her own words.

Cecilia was born in 1741 to the Towneley family of Towneley
Hall, Burnley. She married Charles Strickland of Sizergh in
1762, a marriage that gave them three sons and one daughter.

As was customary at the time the bride entered into marriage
with a dowry, and as Cecilia came from a wealthy family her
sum was sizable. Cecilia also brought connections to the
Standish Estate and Borwick Hall, which her son Thomas
later inherited.

Following Charles’ death in 1770, Cecilia proceeded to
manage the family estates for her eldest son, Thomas, until
he came of age. Cecilia looked after the finances closely to
ensure that the estates were handed over to Thomas in a fit
state and a strong financial position.

Cecilia later remarried in 1779 to Charles’ cousin, Jarrard
Strickland. She had three sons with Jarrard, thereby creating
two distinct branches of the Strickland family. The junior line
has resided at Sizergh since the 1890s.

Through the letters she wrote in her lifetime, uncover
Cecilia’s story in her own words, in our 2018 exhibition running until the end October.

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