Autumn highlights on the estate

Red deer in the shelter of woodland at Sizergh

Enjoy the sights and sounds of autumn with a colourful woodland walk through Sizergh's estate. Autumn is a great time of year for spotting wildlife and immersing your senses in the changing of the seasons.

Sizergh walking routes

Walks on the estate

Views from Helsington Barrows and Church Fell make great photo opportunities; the summer haze has cleared leaving behind a clear September skyline. Autumnal colours of leaf change dominate the view from above Helsington Barrows looking towards Brigsteer. There are a variety of leaves falling from oak, hazel, birch and chestnut trees. Why not join a guided walk to find out more - there are two to choose from every Monday until 25 October.

Sweet chestnuts lying on grass

Sweet chestnut trees

In the 18th century, Cecelia Strickland visited the Palace of Versailles and brought back some sweet chestnut seeds. She planted them along Ashbank Lane where they can still be seen today, and in autumn the spiky green shells of the sweet chestnuts can be seen nestled between the yellow and orange leaves of the tree.

play trail

Wild play trail and 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾

Explore the woodland as the colours change for the season. Try out the climbing wall, balance along beams and crawl through the tunnel to get to the end. Build a den, go welly wandering or eat a picnic in the wild

A roe deer in the woodland at Hardcastle Crags


Spot salmon leaping and Norway maple acer trees turning vibrant shades of yellow and orange along the River Kent in early October. Sizergh Fell is a good place to spot roe deer if you're out early in the morning, or keep an eye out for buzzards gliding overhead on a sunny day.