Discover Sizergh’s history

Discovering the house at Sizergh

We’d love to welcome you into the house to discover over 700 years of rich history, reflected in every nook and cranny of this much-loved family home.

Still living in the house today, the Strickland family have been associated with Sizergh since 1239 when the heiress Elizabeth Deincourt married William de Stirkeland. 

This makes Sizergh one of the longest family-inhabited country houses in the UK and evidence of this can be seen all around you.  

Take a tour

The warm, cosy rooms adorned with the most exquisite and elaborately carved Elizabethan oak panelling, display the family’s wealth of the Tudor period. 

During this time Walter Strickland near tripled the size of the house, while his wife Alice set about making its interiors the most fashionable of its day. The astonishing Elizabethan Inlaid Chamber at Sizergh is of national and international significance, with some of the finest panelling ever made for an English country house.

Family feel

A true patchwork of styles, taking a stroll through the House will lead you from the base of the medieval solar tower, through the Elizabethan interiors, into the French regency-styled Drawing Room and beyond. 

Cherished family photos sit alongside precious antiques, linking the past with the present day.

In a house full of contrasts, fine craftsmanship can be seen throughout, from the impressive collection of Gillows furniture, to the stunning Italian-designed ceilings. 

They all have stories to tell, not least of all the splendid Victorian dining table, which awaits your uncovering of its tales and secrets.

Survival and strength

Sizergh is a place of survival and strength, and this can been seen in the extensive collection of characterful family portraits which adorn the interiors. Discover the amazing story of the Stricklands in exile, all told through the astonishing Stuart Royal portraits that hang in the Dining Room.

Over seven centuries of history

From the Battle of Agincourt, to the fight for Malta during the Second World War, the Strickland’s involvement in over 700 years of national history can be uncovered first-hand at Sizergh. 

With treasures and quirks unveiled at every turn, come and discover these truly remarkable stories and enjoy relaxing in this unique family home. 

We hope you love this very special place as much as we do.