Spring highlights in the garden

Unwind amongst the freshly sprouted buds of Sizergh. From the stunning variety of daffodils in the stumpery to the productive kitchen garden. Remember to collect your ticket from Visitor Reception before making your way to the garden.

sizergh daffs

Daffodils in the Stumpery

Visit the stumpery and brighten your day with a variety of sunny daffodils, sitting cosily amongst our national collection of ferns.

Cherry blossom in the gardens of Sizergh

Cherry Blossom

Delicate blossom graces the Cherry trees by the stumpery - a beautiful, fleeting spring moment.

sizergh ferns

Ferns in the rock garden

The ferns awaken from their winter slumber in the garden. Witness their strange curled forms while they prepare to open in summer splendour.

Bumblebee feeding on chives

Kitchen garden produce

The kitchen begins another year of production! Fresh herbs, leafy greens and rhubarb are grown organically on-site - then harvested to make tasty dishes in our café.

Pink double hellebores in spring garden at Charlecote


Hellebores are a delight to see in shades of pink, green and white. Many are evergreen and some varieties have interesting mottled or silver-like leaves. They're also of great interest to early pollinating insects!