Become an Archaeology Volunteer

Geophysics at Sutton Hoo

Our geophysics project is currently on hold so we are not recruiting any additional team members at the moment. Please do keep an eye on this page as we hope to resume work in the near future.

We’re looking to expand our Archaeology volunteering team, helping us bring archaeology to our visitors.

Ever wanted to try your hand at archaeology? Up for learning new skills? Why not become an archaeology volunteer – and what better place than at Sutton Hoo?

At the moment, we are focusing on geophysical survey (using non-destructive electronic techniques to detect archaeological features), field walking (finding, recording and identifying objects in cultivated fields) and other specific archaeology activities.

Our volunteers help to run our Archaeology Live sessions of field walking and geophysics with our visitors, explaining the methodology and techniques used, helping with the specialist technology and providing expertise on any discovered finds.

You can also help us develop our programme going forward, working together with NT staff and professional archaeologists to explore options for archaeological interpretation for visitors to Sutton Hoo.

Archaeological Volunteer on Sutton Hoo's Viewing Tower dig
Archaeological Volunteer on Sutton Hoo's Viewing Tower dig
Archaeological Volunteer on Sutton Hoo's Viewing Tower dig

Previous Projects 

In the past, our volunteer team have also been at the front for other exciting archaeology opportunities that come up, such as the excavation of our viewing tower in May/June 2018, working with MOLA – Museum of London Archaeology – in our first archaeological dig within the scheduled monument in nearly 30 years.

Here there were chances to get involved with everything from sieving through the uncovered soil as we dug the footprint for the tower, interacting with our visitors to explain what we were up to and what we were uncovering, and the opportunity to interact with and chat to the archaeologists themselves.

By becoming an Archaeology volunteer, you will be a pioneer, coming off the back of some very successful testing, and this is the first time that Sutton Hoo has had a dedicated and long-term team specialising in this area.