Out of the Case

Close up of carved Anglo-Saxon faces on the Sutton Hoo replica sceptre

Get the chance to get up close and personal to some of our amazing replicas of the Sutton Hoo treasures and see just how these precious items would have looked to the Anglo-Saxons themselves!

Join us in the Exhibition Hall here at Sutton Hoo for one of our Out of the Case handling sessions for an informal talk by our experts about each of the objects on display.

Our replicas have been made by master craftsmen using authentic techniques and materials that the Anglo-Saxons would have recognised and used themselves, creating amazingly detailed and beautiful items in their own right.

Experience just how each item would have looked back in the seventh century with the chance to handle them yourself, with our experts on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Try on the famous helmet, marvel at the intricate jewelled shoulder clasps and see just how heavy the full-size shield really is!

These sessions happen once a month on a Sunday, so make certain to click the link below to our events page for the up-to-date dates and times!

Members of the public with an expert and the Sutton Hoo helmet

Out of the Case

See our master crafted replicas as they would have been in Anglo-Saxon times - out of the case and being handled!