Saxon Supper at Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo - Monica Askay Image (Food Historian)

Join us at Sutton Hoo on 23rd June for a truly historic supper

Food of the early Anglo-Saxons

We tend to think that food and the cooking methods used in the past must have been extremely basic and uninteresting. This is far from the truth. 

Our early Anglo-Saxon ancestors had a range of ingredients available to them, both local and imported, most of which we would recognise. They were farmers, rearing animals for food and other purposes, and growing edible plants.

They also employed a range of cooking methods, many familiar to us today. In fact there was little change in cookery in the centuries before the eighteenth century and the technological advances of the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions. 

Join us on Friday 23rd June for an Anglo-Saxon supper and discussion with food historian Monica Askay. Inspired by Anglo-Saxon tastes and ingredients, this three course meal will be a true taste of the past.

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