Meet Andrew

Volunteer, Sutton Hoo

Andrew Parr - Volunteer

Meet Andrew, one of our excellent Exhibition volunteers. Find out why he joined our team and what he loves about volunteering with us.

Sutton Hoo volunteer, Andrew, in the Exhibition Hall

Retiring from work can be a traumatic landmark for some and when my own retirement was imminent, I looked for an opportunity to expand my horizons and to meet and interact with new and interesting people.

I was aware that Sutton Hoo was a spiritual and magical place and, having researched all the useful information on the internet, I applied to become a volunteer at Sutton Hoo.

As a previous software engineer, I have found volunteering to be a different but wonderful experience aided, particularly as a newcomer, by a group of friendly and passionate fellow volunteers.

Volunteering activities are wide and varied and I have developed a number of new skills ranging from geo-physics to appearing in plays, all with the ultimate aim of providing an exceptional visitor experience at Sutton Hoo.

I have enjoyed leading visitors on guided tours but spend most of my volunteering time as an Exhibition Centre Steward providing assistance to visitors on all things Anglo-Saxon, all things Sutton Hoo and a multitude of other wide ranging topics.

There is a vibrant social scene at Sutton Hoo providing frequent opportunities to meet up with like-minded fellow volunteers including walks, talks, coffee mornings, BBQs and others.

With no specific interest in history nor Anglo-Saxons, I was initially unsure whether to apply to be a volunteer at Sutton Hoo; I needn’t have worried, it is such a rewarding experience.