Learning at Tintagel Old Post Office

A boy in Victorian costume watering the plants in the back garden

The Old Post Office provides a wide range of learning opportunities. Stepping in from busy Fore Street will allow for comparisons across time. Our knowledgeable staff and volunteers are here to inspire, educate and excite you with stories of the house, its collections and those who once lived here.

House tours

House tours can be provided for school groups. The tours pick up on the basic history of the house and how life has changed. We can tailor the tours to your needs.

How to get the most from your visit

  • Book at least one month in advance so we can create a unique visit
  • Decide on the key points you want your group to learn
  • Arrange a visit to the site for yourself, so you know the house
  • Make sure the children bring wet weather gear and old, warm clothing

Education group membership

We provide a membership scheme for schools and academic groups. From only £41 your whole school can be covered for 12 months, getting free admission to any National Trust site.

Book now by calling 01840 770024 or email us at tintageloldpo@nationaltrust.org.uk.