Silent Spaces at Trengwainton Garden

Sign showing the Silent Space at the Laurel Circle, Trengwainton

In a world where most of us are constantly 'connected' to our phones and other mobile devices, at Trengwainton we're delighted to join the Silent Spaces project by setting aside two areas of the garden for quiet contemplation and connection to nature.

An invitation to be quiet

Silent Space is a not-for-profit project that's about allocating green places where people can be invited to switch off their mobile phones, stop talking and just sit or wander – or even wonder!

The Silent Space provides an opportunity for quiet observation and contemplation and gives you permission to simply be 'still' in a world that's constantly on the move and demanding our attention.

The benefits

The benefits of the Japanese practise of Forest Bathing are well known and include reduced blood pressure and stress, and boosting the immune system.

Added to this, the Silent Space offers the benefit of disconnecting from mobile devices - their demands and distractions - and having the freedom not to multi task, but to simply be in the moment.

The Silent Spaces at Trengwainton

Trengwainton's Silent Spaces are at opposite ends of the garden and offer two very different outlooks for those using them:

The Laurel Circle silent space
The Laurel Circle at Trengwainton Garden, Cornwall
The Laurel Circle silent space

The Laurel Circle

At the lower end of the garden is a secluded spot that's rarely found by most visitors. Nestled between two of the more popular paths is the Laurel Circle, a cool green oasis that invites quiet contemplation while surrounded by the evergreen leaves of laurels.

At its centre is a circular wrought iron bench that encloses a wollemi pine. Sitting beneath one of the world's oldest species of plants is a great place to slow down and take your time.

Please note that the Laurel Circle will be closed until Easter to allow the grass to recover from the wet winter.

The far summer house silent space
The far summer house on the Terrace at Trengwainton Garden, Cornwall
The far summer house silent space

The far summer house on the Terrace

A half-mile steady incline to the Terrace at the top of the garden is rewarded with a wide grassy expanse and sea views across the turquoise waters of Mount's Bay.

The summer house at the far end of the Terrace offers a sheltered spot to sit, come rain or shine, and on a clear day you can gaze across fields and the 25 miles of bay to the Lizard peninsula beyond.