Passions & Possessions exhibition

Antony Gibbs, the Victorian owner of Tyntesfield

Our award-winning exhibition throws light on the 'Passions & Possessions' of Tyntesfield's Victorian owner for the first time.

As the eldest son of William Gibbs (1790-1875), Anthony was heir to a vast family fortune. But this artistic young man was not well-suited to big business dealings. So when his father passed the reins of the Gibbs' empire to an older cousin, though still extraordinarily rich, Antony was now a man with free time on his hands.

As our special guests in the Drawing Room, we invite you to step into Antony's material world. Here you will encounter over a hundred of his personal possessions, and discover the private passions of a romantic collector and a true master craftsman.

'Passions and Possessions' comes to an end on Sunday 29 October 2017 and you will need a ticket to the house to visit it. You can pick up house tickets on the day or pre-book them in advance, here.


Passions & Possessions exhibition

Discover the life and times of Antony Gibbs, Tyntesfield's Victorian owner, through over 100 fascinating objects.