Summer at Tyntesfield

Visitors in the cut flower garden at Tyntesfield, summer 2017

Social distancing measures don't mean that there's no fun to be had this summer. There's plenty for everyone to see, do and enjoy at Tyntesfield.

Picnic potential

Family fun

A visitor playing tennis on the court in front of the house at Tyntesfield, Bristol

A round of tennis?

Bring your own racket and ball and have a go at tennis on the Victorian tennis court. Imagine what it would have been like for the ladies to play in long dresses.

Bucketfuls of freshly cut flowers, captured in the early morning light, waiting to be taken up to the house for arranging

Gardens behind the scenes: looking after Tyntesfield in summer 

Enjoy the beautiful summer garden at Tyntesfield in Somerset, a remarkable Victorian estate, little changed in 150 years. Follow the gardens team behind-the-scenes over the course of a gardening year.