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Volunteering at Tyntesfield

Planning for Tyntesfield's fire alarm replacement project began in 2014, since then the plans have been revised eight times with advice from specialist from eight different disciplines.

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07 May 18

Protecting the tapestries

The conservation team get ready for the replacement works to move onto the ground floor by creating 'roller blinds' out of Tyvek, a protective conservation material. This means visitors can still see the tapestries but they can be easily covered when work in that space begins.

A conservation assistant at Tyntesfield fixes 'roller blinds' made of Tyvek (a protective material) over historic tapestries in Tyntesfield house

15 Mar 18

Rolling the carpets

The team roll up the carpets in the Chapel Lobby and along the first floor corridors to give the A.P.E engineers access to the floorboards.

A rolled up carpet in the Chapel Lobby at Tyntesfield

08 Mar 18

Another find from under the floorboards

When the engineers were lifting the floorbards near the Butler's Dressing Room on the second floor, they found a crumpled piece of paper. The piece of paper turned out to be a page from the February 1866 issue of 'The Builder'.

A page from 'The Builder' found under the floorboards at Tyntesfield