Calling crafters and artists to contribute to Upton's doll's house

Two staff in front of a large model dolls' house inside the house

This year Upton House invites visitors to help re-create Upton in miniature. To complement our ‘Made-To-Measure’ project, one of Upton’s volunteers has made us our very own doll's house.

This Lilliputian version of Upton House is made-to-measure on a 1/12 scale. We would like visitors to join us in making fittings, furnishings, and all manner of late 1920s and early 1930s household miniatures, from jelly moulds to radio wirelesses, to dress this very special doll’s house.  

Upton’s Doll’s House will be built room by room over the next year, running for the life of the Made-to-Measure presentation concluding in December 2019. Focusing on one or two of the historic rooms in turn, every few months we will release a room list of furniture, paintings and porcelain from Upton’s collection.  

We hope that Upton’s doll's house will encourage similar enthusiasm for handcrafting miniatures as Queen Mary’s doll's house stimulated in 1924.

A tribute to Craftsmanship

Between 1927 and 1936 Lord Bearsted, Shell Chairman and one of Britain’s wealthiest men, remodelled Upton House, near Banbury, creating a modern country home and a display case for his distinguished art collection. Upton’s doll's house is a tribute to the craftsmanship, artistic vision and devotion that Lord and Lady Bearsted, their architect, workforce, and house and garden staff invested in this historic property. 

1:12 scale stained glass window from Upton
1:12 scale stained glass window from Upton
1:12 scale stained glass window from Upton

Calling all crafters and makers 

We welcome handmade contributions of 1920s and 1930s fittings and furnishings to dress the dolls’ house, made on a 1:12 scale. To get involved please visit, email  or call 01295 760266 our doll's house team to sign up to make an item from the list. Alternatively, we welcome handmade miniatures that are not on the list, but you think would add life to the room.  

Rooms will be furnished a few at a time, with new lists of the miniatures will be released throughout the project.

See the house progress 

Join us at Upton throughout the made-to-measure project (2017-2019) to see the rooms ‘dressed’ with your contributions.  The grand unveiling of the completed doll's house will be at Christmas 2019.  

Share your work!

Keep us up to date with the progress on the items you are making by posting pictures on our social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @uptonhouseNT 

Room with desk and drawing board

Step inside the made-to-measure home

Lord Bearsted made Upton his country home in 1927 and set about creating the perfect country residence for his family and growing art collection. Explore the fashionable tastes of the day and learn how to create a home made-to-measure. You can also pre-book house entry here too.