Enjoy autumn at Upton

view of the grass path alongside the aster flowers, seen through an archway of ivy

Wrap up and enjoy a fresh autumn stroll amongst stunning Asters and golden leaves, or let the kids stretch their legs and kick up the leaves in the woodland walk.

The days are getting shorter and cooler, and the beautiful Aster collection is coming into full bloom. Asters are also known as Michelmas Daisies precisely because they often look fantastic around Michelmas (29 September). This Aster collection dates from the 1940s and consists of nearly 100 different varieties. Find out more about the Aster collection here.

In the rest of the garden you can enjoy the varied colours as the trees turn to shades of bronze, gold, brown, yellow and red. Enjoy the crunch underfoot as you walk under trees and wrap up warm against the chill.

Looking down into the Bog garden from the terrace, use your nose as well as your eyes as it embraces the new season. Those with a good nose will pick up the smell burnt toffee from the Cercidiphyllum japonicum.

In the orchard you will see trees dripping with fruit. We are often asked why we leave fruit on trees and on the ground in the orchard: it's fantastic for our wildlife. Over winter this fruit will sustain birds, animals and insects whilst food is short over the colder months.

Bring the family

Explore with the whole family this autumn
A child walking through autumn leaves
Explore with the whole family this autumn

Bring your little explorers and share this special season together. Put on your wellies and kick up some fallen leaves in the Woodland Walk, or see how many bees and butterflies you can count enjoying the Asters. And if it's a rainy day, get puddle splashing!

Then why not warm up in the Pavilion Restaurant with a hot chocolate, or pick up a momento from the shop: a new scarf is just the thing for this time of year.