Exotics in the Bog Garden at Upton House

Bog Garden in Summer

Enjoy a wander around our bog garden and find exotic plants and lush foliage.

Imagine yourself there

There is shade from the mature Cercidiphyllum Japonicum’s. Moisture from the rills, falls and pools and drifts of sunlight radiate through the giant Gunnera Manicata leaves. The swaying bamboos make this area quite special for growing a diverse plant range.
Architectural plants, crackling bamboos and dainty Primulas can all be found hidden away in the lower part of the garden. It is always worth a visit to see what’s in flower.

Big blooms in the bog garden in summer

When summer arrives the plants are fully matured and are at their best. The leaves are large and their blooms are big.
The plants in flower are magical: drifts of Astilbe’s with feather duster plumes; Rodgersia with star shaped white flowers; Hosta’s with their large green leaves and Ligularia’s with dark purple-green stems bearing slender; dense racemes of yellow flower heads with serrated leaves below.
They all love moist ground and thrive in the dappled shade.   

Design features from the 1930s

In the corner of the bog garden the spring water runs to replenish the pools. The bog garden was once part of a sequence of different size breeding pools for carp. The area was designed by Kitty Lloyd Jones, plants woman and designer of the day.
The garden incorporates a unique and very interesting design of slow moving water through the rills and down the falls which cascade into a large tranquil pool set in the centre before flowing through into the larger pools.
The planting areas were established and filled with a selection of moisture loving plants to complement the layout.

Today’s design

The bog garden’s perimeters have dried out and only the central parts remain moist for most of the year. This has led to planting a selection of shrubs and herbaceous plants on the outer beds which will tolerate the sun and drier soil conditions.
The lower area features more unusual moisture retentive plants which will thrive in the wet ground.