Knitting for Victory - Knitters competition

Lady at a table with piles of bunting and equipment

Great news for all our knitters. We are awarding places for afternoon tea with Mary Berry to those individuals and groups who have knitted the most, and a lucky dip from all our contributors.

Thank you

There was a reason we ask for all your names to be sent with the bunting you sent in! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed.  Lots of hard work; knitting, threading and sewing have been done by lots of people from all areas of the globe.

Your time and commitment to be part of a world record attempt has been amazing. Thank you all.

In honour of your efforts we would like to invite representatives from the knitters to have afternoon tea with Mary Berry on 10 November 2016. To win this prize you must have complied with all the instructions and successfully sent your bunting to us by 30 September.

There’ll be a place at the table for the top three individuals and the group who have knitted the most and five seats randomly chosen for all our knitters.

NB: If you book a ticket and then win a place at the afternoon tea, we will refund your tickets.

If you would like to see the competition rules in detail you can download them here -  Knitting for Victory competition rules 2016 (PDF / 0.0537109375MB) download .