Upton House breaks a Guinness World Record

“You are officially amazing” said Guinness when they revealed that we had won the world record for the longest line of knitted bunting. Huge congratulations to everyone involved. Well done!

Mary Berry makes the announcement

We were thrilled that Mary could return to Upton to reveal the record breaking results. In 2014 Mary opened our Second World War ‘Banking for Victory’ presentation. The Knitting for Victory world record attempt was our celebration to commemorate 70 years since the end of the Second World War. Mary announced that our bunting was 7.55km long, and had indeed beaten the previous record by more than 4km. Our bunting would stretch 17 times around the London Eye or 12.5 times up and down the Eiffel Tower. 

Congratulations and thank you 

All year visitors, volunteers and staff have been working on our bunting project and this result is a testament to all their hard work. From knitting and measuring and supporting in every which way, getting friends and family involved.  Word spread all over the world and we started to received contributions from as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. A huge thank you to everyone who took part – this is your victory! 

Contributions from 1000 knitters

That’s just one of the wonderful bunting facts we have gathered, and here are a few more…

  • We have received 31,119 flags.
  • 31,119 flags equates to approximately 52,435515 stitches!
  • The bunting stretches 7.55km in total.
  • Flags have been submitted from all over the world, from countries including New Zealand, Hong Kong and Canada.
  • Our youngest knitter is aged 9 and our oldest is 98 years old.
  • Our knitters include a knitter who previously contributed to the last world record attempt for Women’s Weekly.
  • We’ve had help from local cub and scout groups.
  • Many other National Trust properties have rallied around to get involved, and sent contribution and teams of staff and volunteers in person. 
  • We’ve had a number of letters from contributors saying that they are housebound, and this project has given them a much needed connection with the outside world.

From bunting to blankets     

The National Trust has teamed up with local homeless charity Crisis Skylight Coventry & Warwickshire to sew the bunting into blankets for the homeless. To help them do this Crisis went out to the local community to rally support and get the local people involved.  

These blankets will go out in the week before Christmas to individuals who have experienced homelessness. During this ‘wellbeing week’ Crisis host activities and services such as health checks, yoga, haircuts, dancing, beauty and physiotherapy.