What would your children’s ideal home look like?

Jigsaw of architects drawings of exterior elevations

In every room there's a clue to how Lord and Lady Bearsted made this new house a happy home for their favourite things. Can you and your family spot them and discover what changes they made?

Say hello to our friendly the Land Agent 

You’ll be welcomed to the house in the hall by the Land Agent – he is pretending the house is for sale and you have come to look round to buy it. While you are looking round think about it.  Do you like this house?  Would you like to live here?  

If you designed a new house, what rooms would be in it?  Visit the Architect’s studio and have a snoop around.  He’s the chap who made the drawings of the new house to show what he wanted it to look like and so the builders knew how to make it.  He also made a big model – ask the guide or your parents to show you how it works.  

Why not draw a picture of your perfect home and bring it along to show us – would there be a slide from your bedroom to the kitchen?  Would you have a room just for toys or a cinema or swimming pool? 

Spot Lord Bearsted’s favourite things

Walter loved paintings and pretty statues and vases. He collected them and wanted a new home where he could show them off to their best. This is what he made the changes to the rooms in the house at Upton. In each room there are lots of paintings.  Take a closer look – what can you see in the picture? Most have an interesting story to tell, ask the guides to tell you a story. Which picture in the room is your favourite and why? 

Have fun with the colour and shapes of the 1920s

On the first floor there is a lot to see. The colourful posters from the 1920s are full of unusual shapes and pictures; angles and straight lines, big curves as well as people, places and cars. 

Try on the hats people wore in the 1920s – how are they different to your hats? 

Dress up paper dolls in their fashionable paper clothes, just like children used to do. Did your parents or grandparents have a toy like this when they were little?