2020 tea and talks

Join us at Upton House and Gardens for a series of afternoon tea and talks where our house guides delve deeper into a selection of interesting topics about the history of this fascinating estate. Each talk costs £12 and is followed by a cream tea in the Old Kitchen.

Sevres porcelain from the collection at Upton House and Gardens

White Gold: Upton's porcelain collection

On Thursday 13 February, we're taking a delve into Upton's priceless porcelain. Learn more about Sevres pieces formerly owned by kings and empresses, and the rare Chelsea figures collected by Viscount Bearsted and gifted to the National Trust. From one piece of finery to the next - this talk will be followed by an indulgent cream tea.

Snuff box from the Royal Collection, gifted by the Bearsteds at Upton

Stories of the unexpected

On Thursday 12 March, join one of our experienced guides to hear about some of the items in Upton's collection that are easy to overlook. Including adventures in piracy and prison; stories of royalty and a passion for porcelain; of Japanese silk painted with geishas, and the curious case of the embroidering viscount. This talk is followed by a traditional cream tea.

A view across the ornamental parkland at Farnborough Hall

Farnborough Parkland, a historical gem

On Thursday 14 May, we're learning about the history behind the creation of the park at Farnborough Hall, the estate adjacent to Upton House. This talk will take place in the comfort of the Old Kitchen at Upton House, followed by a cream tea and cuppa.

Shell poster dating from 1920s/30s

The art of advertising: Shell posters

Come to this fascinating talk in connection with our stunning new exhibition which celebrates 100 years of Shell posters and then enjoy a delicious cream tea.