Stainborough Castle Project

Summer at Wentworth Castle Gardens

What is happening?

Conservation work will begin on the Grade II listed Stainborough Castle this month.  

Funded by Barnsley Council, this is part of a programme of works we’re undertaking to improve the condition of the site, as part of our 25 year partnership lease with the council to look after this special place.

How long will it take and what work is taking place?

Work will begin on the folly castle on 18 January and is expected to last around five months. Specialist stone masons will be replacing eroded stones, repointing joints where the mortar has perished, removing vegetation growth, and replacing perished timber lintels.  

Stainborough Castle is a fake castle built by Thomas Wentworth in 1708 to impress his friends and visitors following a feud with family members at nearby Wentworth Woodhouse. It was built to give the impression that it had been in his family for generations, rather than a new addition at the time. Over 300 years later, only one half of the castle front still stands; the other turret lost when the estate fell into disrepair at the turn of the last century. 

Will there be an impact on visitors and wildlife?

Visitors will still be able to access the grassy area within the castle walls through the entrance archway. We kindly ask all visitors to respect the health and safety signs around the site, as there will be scaffolding erected. As work progresses in different sections of the castle, there may be temporary closures to specific areas, which will be communicated on site and through our digital channels.

The conservation work is being carefully co-ordinated to minimise the impact on Wentworth Castle Gardens’ resident bats. Specialist bat boxes are being erected for the four residing species and a dedicated ecologist will be at the castle each day to ensure these nocturnal creatures are not disturbed. All bat species, their breeding sites and resting places are fully protected by law and specialist licence has been sought from Natural England to protect them during the work.  

Why is the project so important?

This building work will ensure that Stainborough Castle is here for people to enjoy long into the future.

Latest updates

14 Jun 21

Handrails oiled and completed at Stainborough Castle

The handrails are now completed and oiled and the gallery area of Stainborough Castle will remain closed until Tuesday to allow this to dry. The site has been cleared and the project is due to finish on 15 June.

Handrails oiled and completed at Stainborough Castle

17 May 21

Scaffolding removed

The scaffolding has now been removed from the towers and re-pointing work is almost complete. The handrails are on site ready for fixing this week!

Stainborough Castle without scaffolding

13 Apr 21

Lintel replacement works

The first lintel replacement works have taken place at Stainborough Castle, replacing the rotten timber above windows and doorways.

Replacing the lintels at Stainborough Castle