Conservation in Action - Sedge Fen is open

Thanks to your help, we've been able to rest and protect the unique habitat of Wicken's Sedge Fen, over the wetter, colder months and now it's open again for the summer.

The problem

In October last year we asked for your help to rest some of the most delicate paths and trails on the Sedge Fen. Greater footfall and wetter ground conditions were having a detrimental impact on the fragile habitat of Sedge Fen, especially along the Nature Trail, which follows the perimeter of the fen.

Muddy conditions lead to compaction of the peat soils and footpaths widened as walkers deviated from the main path to avoid wet or muddy areas. The plants on the footpath margins were struggling as seedlings to break through the compacted soil.

The results

Just like when we are recovering from illness, injury or surgery, often the best medicine is rest - and that's exactly what we have been doing for the Sedge Fen.  The initial results are encouraging.  We are seeing plant growth where there has not been for some time and the recovery process is beginning. 

Wild orchids on Sedge Fen
Close picture of wild orchids along Wicken Lode bank
Wild orchids on Sedge Fen

Sedge Fen is open

The summer trail around the edge of Sedge Fen is now open again.  Having rested over the winter and early spring months the important fen flora has had a chance to recover.  June and July are the perfect time to come and enjoy the Sedge Fen in bloom with displays of wildflowers such as yellow rattle, devil's bit scabious, ragged robin and early marsh and southern marsh orchids.

Our new woodland walk will remain open and families can enjoy the new ’50 things area’ that has been created.

The boardwalk remains open all year round making the Sedge Fen accessible for all.

Explore Sedge Fen on the all weather Boardwalk Trail
Picture of windpump taken from the Boardwalk Trail
Explore Sedge Fen on the all weather Boardwalk Trail

Looking forward

The resting of the paths around Sedge Fen will resume in October so now really is the best time to come out and see the Sedge Fen.  During winter 2018 we will be testing some new visitor viewpoints; including gathering views for a new tower hide (don’t worry the old one is staying) that we would like to install in future years.

Thank you for your help and support.