Richard Nicoll - ten years of photographing Wicken Fen

Sparrowhawk flying over Baker's Fen

The abundance of wildlife at Wicken Fen is captured by talented local photographer Richard Nicoll.

In the spring of 2010 I bought a digital SLR camera for a holiday to Orkney. What started as something to record the events of that trip turned into an obsession with capturing the natural world in all its different forms from the tiny insects, to fish in the lodes (the local name for rivers/streams) to the birds and mammals that inhabit the National Trust's Wicken Fen Nature Reserve.

Along the way there have been many memorable encounters with the people who visit the fen whether that's for scientific research, making documentaries or simply out and about for a walk in a wild space. Not forgetting, of course, all the people from the National Trust who manage the reserve and help to make it a great place for people and wildlife.

Stoat hunting
Stoat photographed in mid air, hunting at Wicken Fen
Stoat hunting

Richard's images have won many awards in national and international competitions including 15 Gold Medals and been published by AAAS's Science Journal, BBC Countryfile Magazine, BBC Springwatch/Autumnwatch, Bloomsbury, BTO, Cambridge Independent, Cambridge News, Country Life Magazine, Dorset Wildlife Trust, National Trust, Royal Wildlife Trusts and RSPB. 

You can find out more about Richard's work here

Here is a selection of Richard's favourites from the last ten years:

Red fox on snowy ground at Wicken Fen

Red fox

Migrant hawker in flight at Wicken Fen

Migrant hawker

Roe deer at sunrise

Roe deer

Bittern in flight
Bittern in flight
Bittern in flight
Kingfisher with common newt in its beak amongst reeds

Kingfisher with common newt

Wicken Fen - Cuckoo in flight


Close picture of hobby taking a mayfly on the wing

Hobby hunting mayfly

Starlings on the back of a konik pony

Starlings on horseback

All images are Copyright (c) Richard Nicoll. All rights reserved.