Shire Horses at Wimpole

Five shire horses in a row in the paddock at Home Farm

The Shire horse is a rare breed which is categorised as ‘at risk’ on the rare breed register, which means that there are less than 1,500 breeding females left in the world.

Here at Wimpole we are very much working towards keeping this magnificent breed alive.

We have five Shire horses at Wimpole who are used for carriage rides, experience days and ridden work, such as musical ride displays.

The horses spend their days either out in the field, working or on display at the farm so that visitors get a chance to say hello. We also have plans to expand their work into agricultural jobs such as harrowing and ploughing. 

Harry the Shire horse

Shire Horse - Harry

Wimpole Estate's Shire Horse Harry

Shire horse Jasper

Shire horse - Jasper

Wimpole Estate's Shire Horse Jasper

Lady the Shire horse in a paddock at Wimpole

Shire horse - Lady

Wimpole Estate's Shire Horse Lady

Shire horse Murphy standing in the field

Shire Horse - Murphy

Wimpole Estate's Shire Horse Murphy

Shire Horse Queenie standing in field at Wimpole Home Farm

Shire horse - Queenie

Wimpole Estate's Shire Horse Queenie