Meet the volunteers

Volunteers from Mind in Barrow with their freshley resurfaced path in the play trail at Wray Castle

Conservation is and always has been at the heart of everything we do at High Wray.

Every volunteer group we work with helps us with practical conservation work, not only giving us a fantastic resource to keep our land in good condition but also spreading a much deeper and longer lasting understanding how much work goes into this.

All walks of life

Here at High Wray we believe there's no such thing as a 'typical volunteer' and we work with people of all ages and from all walks of life. From local regular volunteers to inner city youth groups, retired long term supporters of the National Trust to drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, everyone that comes to High Wray finds the same sense of satisfaction in doing their bit to help us look after our beautiful patch of the Lake District. 

" I've learnt that my determination that once only served to get me what was bad in my life, was today positive determination to give something valuable back for people to enjoy and appreciate and to give me self worth and pride. "
- Littledale Hall rehabilitation centre volunteer

More than just work

With all the help we get from so many volunteers, we can tackle lots of work. However, it is not just the facts and figures that are so important to our story, but the emotional and human side of things. Many times volunteers either tell us of the importance to them of ‘putting something back’ to a place they’ve loved for years, how they have had their minds opened to entirely new experiences and possibilities or how they’ve done things they never imagined they would have been capable of.

Prince's Trust volunteers getting stuck in
Prince's Trust volunteers working on the woodland path in Calf Parrock woods near Wray Castle
Prince's Trust volunteers getting stuck in
South Lakes volunteers Neil and Lesley get stuck in to some dry-stone walling, Cumbria

Our South Lakes volunteering story

Neil and Lesley are stalwart members of the South Lakes National Trust Volunteers Group. They told us what their first year has been like...luckily it was all good!