Uncover more of Wray Castle's history

View of Wray Castle in 1941

Are you curious about the castle’s crenellations, guessing about the grounds or intrigued by the interior? Get more detail and all the background history of the castle with our season of events for minds who want to know more.

Guided Tours

This isn't your usual National Trust property or castle so join a guided tour to discover the many tales the castle has to tell. Taking place every day outside school holidays. 

Estate Walks 

Uncover hidden histories of the wider estate on this walk arounf the grounds. Taking place on set dates throughout the year, advance booking needed.  

Hard Hat Tours  

Go beyond the usual visitor route on this behind the scenes tour of the castle. There are spiral staircases to negotiate, small spaces to get through (hence the hard hats) and maybe a few cobwebs to avoid. Taking place on set dates throughout the year, advance booking needed.  

Tenant Talks 

Over the years the castle has been home to many different tenants. In our first talk in May hear from the Freshwater Biological Associations’ Chief Executive, Dr Bill Brierley about how the castle influenced and gave opportunities to a group of scientists who became eminent in their field. 

Upcoming events

Secrets of the Grounds

Sat 10 Feb 2018
An outdoor tour to learn about Wray Castle both past and present.

Exclusive guided tours

Mon 26 Feb 2018
This hour-long tour is an opportunity to explore the far reaches of the building whilst we install the 2018 'The Women of Wray Castle: Convention and Control' exhibition.

The Women of Wray Castle: Convention and Control

Sat 03 Mar 2018
This year sees us reflecting on the lives of two prominent women from Wray Castle's story. The exhibition encompasses artistic installations, research material and asks reflective questions of the audience.

Reading Wray Castle

Sat 03 Mar 2018
This 10 minute talk will equip visitors with the skills to understand the architecture of Wray Castle - inside and out.

The Women of Wray Castle exhibition talk

Sat 03 Mar 2018
Accompanying the 2018 exhibition, 'The Women of Wray Castle: Convention and Control'.

Landmark in the Landscape

Sat 03 Mar 2018
This 45 minute outdoor guided tour takes in the theatrical architecture of Wray Castle together with its picturesque setting.