Beautiful bluebells in bloom

Bluebells,. tulips and spring flowers in the garden A la Ronde

Wander around the tranquil grounds which has an undulating landscape with small carpets of bluebells throughout April and May.

As you enter the grounds, bluebells can be seen by pathways, around trees, on banks and amongst the snowdrops, promroses and daffodils. 

A  beautiful spring sight, it's not surprising that bluebell is one of the nation's best-loved wild flowers.

Sweetly-scented flowers are borne on a flower stalk which droops or nods to one side. Flowers are bell-shaped and can be blue, white or rarely pink.

Our garden team work throughout the year to maintain our borders and keep them filled with flowers and fragrant plants. Take the weight off your feet in the seating area and enjoy the results of our labour.