Grand opening

 Light coming through a diamond shaped window at A la Ronde, in oval surround with mint green walls, a jug with flowers stands on a small table

Saturday 2 February is our Grand Opening for 2019. Join us The Town Crier and Mayor will be here to officially open A la Ronde for 2019. Every visitor will have the chance to win a cream tea in our newly refurbished café.

The house will be waking up after it was put to bed for it's winter clean.  Our conservation team have been working hard during our closed period doing a deep clean of the house and maintenance work is carried out by specialists.

Conservation is a critical part of what we do and it is important to understand why we do it.

Here at A la Ronde we want people to explore, experience and understand our work. The work carried out includes:

Condition reporting

We have a plan where all of our items are monitored for wear and tear. 

Floor polishing

Our committed conservation staff and volunteers polish the wooden floors throughout the house, across three floors. Polish is applied by hand and machine buffed.

Inventory checking

Each item within the collection is checked to make sure it is in the right place in our inventory checking system.