The house

A la Ronde

Enter a magical world, a 16 sided house inspired by the incredible adventures of two fiercely independent spinster cousins, Mary and Jane Parminter, who went on a tour around Europe.

From walls lovingly decorated with hundreds of feathers and shells, to quirky diamond shaped windows, this house is truly unique. Have a wander around the surreal Octagon room with eight doors leading off it; which one will you choose?

Explore the drawing room, the heart of A la Ronde, and a showcase of the astonishing artistic skills of the Parminters. You'll see the incredible wall pictures, crafted by hand from sand, seaweed and card, the fireplace detailed with shells and walls decorated with intricately arranged feathers.

Feeling musical? Why not take a seat and play a tune on the grand piano. This room is full of curiosities, from Inuit models and an emu egg, to a chair belonging to Nelson’s wife.