Wonderful wildflower meadow

A la Ronde summer hay meadow

Our wonderful wildlife meadow is teeming with the sights and sounds of nature getting ready for the summer. .

At this time of year the hay meadow comes alive. 

The wildlife walk takes you around the meadow on a circular trail ending back at the house.

Amongst the flora seen growing in the grounds aremeadow buttercup, yellow rattle, iris foetidious (stinking iris), knapweed and wood anemone.

More difficult to spot on a busy day but can be seen on the property, are green woodpeckers, ladybirds, slow worms, badgers, dragonflies and moles.

You may see butterflies, such as speckled white, holly blue, common blue, meadow brown, gatekeeper, and the speckled wood. Our wildflower meadow is cut annually to encourage biodiversity.