Inspired by Nature: beautiful bouquets and upcycled flowers

Jane and Mary Parminter were creative ladies. This month find floral inspired displays both inside and outside of the house.

Upcycled flower_alr

Beautiful bouquets will be returning to the house on Friday 4 october. Inspired by nature these arrangements have been made from all sort of  materials including paper, plants, fruits, buttons and wool. Designed and made by volunteers and local artists they offer something a bit different to what you might normally see. 

A long with these floral arrangements in the house this year A la Ronde has teamed up with Exmouth division Brownies, Girl Guides and Rainbows to create and outside display of flowers. These have been upcycled from old plastic bottles collected by staff and volunteers throughout the year. 

Plastic flower hung in the orchard
Upcycled flowers alr
Plastic flower hung in the orchard

Over 100 girls and their pack leaders visitied the property to make and hang up the flowers and learn more about the property and the 2 inspiring ladies who built it.  

These flowers will be hung in the orchard and available to see until the end of the season. 

Normal admission applies.