Sutton Hoo appeal

Will you help show this enigmatic royal burial site in a whole new light, bringing visitors closer than ever to a discovery that changed history?

Anglo-Saxon King Raedwald brandishes his spear at Sutton Hoo
Visual of proposed viewing tower at Sutton Hoo

Help reveal the secrets of Sutton Hoo

Extraordinary treasures were found buried at Sutton Hoo. With your support the full story of their discovery will be revealed, through a transformation of the site. Amongst the plans, a viewing tower by the royal burial ground, which will show exactly why our ancestors chose this ancient site as their final resting place.

The story of a great archaeological discovery

The precious objects discovered under the sandy mounds rewrote our understanding of the ‘dark ages’. An iconic, ornate Anglo-Saxon helmet, intricate shoulder clasps, decorated shield and pattern welded sword are just a few of the objects that were discovered at Sutton Hoo. Your support will enable visitors to discover for themselves the excitement and wonder archaeologists felt as they dug here. With your help we'll also be constructing an interpretation of the Anglo-Saxon ship, who’s shadow was left behind in the acidic soil, new immersive exhibitions and an evocative new walk up to the royal burial ground. 

  • The story of Sutton Hoo begins 1300 years ago
  • It wasn't until 1939 that treasures were unearthed here
  • Today we need to raise £600,000 to realise the transformation

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Child explores Anglo Saxon life at Sutton Hoo
£15 could help towards replacing the protective fencing around the royal burial mounds.
£50 could contribute to 3D scanning and printing of our replicas, so more people can handle and see them in a different light.
Hand-crafted replica of the Sutton Hoo helmet
A man setting up for the archaeological dig at Sutton Hoo, Woodbridge
£100 can go towards new archaeological equipment that will help us build a greater understanding of the Sutton Hoo landscape.
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Turning the pages of time

Sutton Hoo burial mound and tree

The site of a great discovery

The Sutton Hoo landscape is is home to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time, famed for its royal burial ground, where East Anglian royalty was laid to rest overlooking the River Deben.

Sutton Hoo replica belt buckle detail

A burial fit for a King

Having laid in secret for some 1300 years, in 1939 the remains of a great ship burial was discovered by archaeologists beneath one of the mounds; a discovery that changed history.

Coming face to face with thousands of years of history

Story of our ancestors

The discovery shed light on the Dark Ages and the occupant of the ship burial, Rædwald, King of the East Angles. Now we want to share more of this fascinating story with visitors.

" We’ve been working with staff, volunteers, visitors, supporters, local community groups and the National Lottery to shape the future for Sutton Hoo. Together we want to create an experience that really brings history to life, whether you’re visiting for a family day out, looking to discover what's on your doorstep or are carrying out academic research.”"
- Allison Girling, Property Operations Manager
Looking out at Seaton Delaval garden in Northumberland

Bring Stories to Life appeal 

Three very special places need your support in 2018. Will you help with donations to transform and revitalise Sutton Hoo, Seaton Delaval Hall and Stowe Gardens? You can choose to give to all three together.

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As a charity, we rely on the generosity of supporters to look after the historic buildings in our care. Not only do our supporters help to conserve beautiful homes and stunning gardens. They also ensure that future generations have places where they can be inspired by stories of the past, enjoy peace and time to reflect, and make memories to treasure. Your donation will go towards this project and other vital conservation work on our buildings at this special place. With your support, we can continue to protect the irreplaceable. For everyone, for ever.

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