Avebury Manor Garden

Mother and children following a trail

Avebury Manor Garden is a tranquil and relaxing space. This year we are opening during the winter months for the first time, so that people can see the garden in its more dormant state as we prepare for spring.

Avebury Manor garden is arranged as a series of 'rooms', each with a different name and individual character.

You can take a stroll down Lion Walk, relax with a picnic in the Church Garden, admire the view of the manor from the Half Moon Garden, see the fruit growing in the Orchard and the produce in the Kitchen Garden.  The East Garden with it's striped lawn and lavender walk is a great photo opportunity and if you pop into the Topiary Garden you'll see our established displays as well as some newly planted shapes taking form.
The South Lawn island beds are overlooked by the earlier entrance to the manor, the Lion Walk is a treat for herbaceous border lovers, whilst the Church Garden is sheltered from the wind and provides an opportunity for picnics, reading and relaxation.


Changes in the garden

For the past few years the Garden Team have been removing or revitalising box plants badly affected by Box Blight. In some places, such as the Topiary Garden, the designs have been recreated using alternative species, and most areas of the garden are now well on their way to the feel of the planting laid out by Nora Jenner in the 1920’s. The removal of later additions has enabled the garden to have a more relaxed feel and created opportunities to re-establish planting typical of the period or reflecting earlier characteristics. In doing this the garden team have been able to increase the diversity of plants in a way that enriches the experience for plant lovers and casual visitors alike.

Topiary Garden, Avebury Manor Garden
Replanted topiary garden just starting to grow
Topiary Garden, Avebury Manor Garden