Help us decorate Baddesley for Christmas with summer flowers

The long Christmas table at Baddesley Clinton

Christmas at Baddesley Clinton is always a very special time of year when we welcome our supporters to visit the house and gardens decorated for the festive season.

This year at Baddesley Clinton we need your help.

We are decorating the house in Tudor style but we are adding an extra colourful twist of lots of beautiful dried flowers throughout the house. This will give us an opportunity to showcase the outdoors indoors and to celebrate the festive season colourfully, drawing on our own beautiful gardens and giving our supporters a chance to be involved and contribute towards the decorating of Baddesley Clinton this Christmas.

Softly scented and perfect for drying!
close up of Lavender

Please get involved.

Do any of the flowers in the leaflet attached below already grow in your garden? Would you like to be involved and contribute towards our Christmas decorations at Baddesley? Let us know by getting in touch with Lucy, our senior gardener and following the drying tips on the back of the leaflet. We’d love to have as many people get involved as possible and to showcase beautiful dried flowers from your garden at Baddesley during the festive season.

Cut when the seed heads are fully formed and greeny blue.
Close up of a poppy

If you use social media don’t forget to show us your progress on Facebook or Twitter by tagging us or using #ChristmasatBaddesley We would love to see how you are getting on and you can also follow our progress.

For any other growing and drying tips don’t hesitate to contact our senior gardener Lucy at:

Help us decorate Baddesley Clinton for Christmas (PDF / 2.8447265625MB) download

Cut from the base of the stem when some of the seedpods have formed.
Close up of Love-in-the-Mist