Help us to restore Baddesley's stable clock

Baddesley's clock has stopped

Our stables clock has stopped. It’s been a long time since the single hand showed the correct time, and the bell is silent.

That’s why the team at Baddesley have decided to make the repair of the clock our restoration project for the year.

Edward Ferrers built the stable block along with the other barnyard buildings in 1713 at a cost of £76. The turret clock in the stables cost £19. The turret, which was leaning badly, was restored after the National Trust were given the house in 1980, but it now needs more work to get it up and running again.

The bell hasn't rung for years
Silent chiming

Of course, this is going to cost. Your admission fees, memberships and donations will go some way towards it, but you can also help out by buying a ticket for the National Trust’s Summer Raffle with a top prize of £10,000! Search for “raffles” on the National Trust website for more details. You can buy a raffle ticket in the shop or visitor reception.

It takes some winding!
it's a clock, not a mangle

Thanks for your support – and good luck!

Help us to enhance the approach to the house
You'll see it as you approach the main entrance