Perfect places to enjoy a picnic

Family having a picnic at Baddesley

Dining in the open air with friends and family is one of summer’s greatest pleasures and we have lots of picturesque spots at Baddesley to enjoy your well packed picnic.

A hint of blue sky, a stray shaft of sunlight, even a small break in the rain, is enough to persuade most of us to gather together an al fresco feast and a few outdoor games and head off on a summer picnic.

The borders are full of flowers at Baddesley
Border of flowers at Baddesley

During the Victorian era, meeting friends and family for a picnic in the great outdoors really took off in popularity. The well-known cooking book of the time, Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management, gave detailed instructions on how to pack the perfect picnic! For 40 people, Mrs. Beeton insisted on, cold roast beef, four meat pies, four roast chickens, two roast ducks, four dozen cheesecakes and one large cold plum pudding!

We love to think of the Quartet, who lived at Baddesley during the Victorian era, packing up a picnic and heading out in the sunshine to enjoy a picnic in the gardens.

The Quartet enjoying their home
The Quartet in the Great Hall at Baddesley

There are many places to enjoy your picnic packed to the brim with summery salads, a classic quiche and other tasty treats here at Baddesley. We’d recommend reclining on the front lawn so the little ones can play by the activity tent, take over a blanket and enjoy a woodland picnic by the new natural play trail or use one of the benches in the barnyard – the perfect spot to enjoy an ice cream after you’ve eaten!

Explore our new Natural play Trail
A mini obstacle course just for children

This summer we’re showing three classic films against the back-drop of Baddesley Clinton – for more information follow the link below and don’t forget your picnic!

Outdoor cinema at Baddesley