Scarecrows at Baddesley Clinton

Family photo of the scarecrow

Down in the vegetable garden there is something very special waiting for visitors at Baddesley Clinton. Returning for its fifth year and inspired by Shakespeare’s most recognisable characters, the team at Baddesley have created a display of scarecrows the whole family is sure to enjoy.

The scarecrows are positioned throughout the vegetable garden and this year the team has chosen to base them on Shakespeare’s most recognisable characters from the Egyptian Queen ‘Clear-a-Patcha’ to ‘Julius Caesar Salad’ and even the great William Shakespeare himself.

'Clear a Patcha' looking good in our vegetable garden
Scarecrow at Baddesley Clinton
'Clear a Patcha' looking good in our vegetable garden
" Every vegetable garden needs a scarecrow to deter the birds so we thought why not have some fun and see if we can give our visitors a good laugh. They proved so popular with everyone it was decided to do it again the following year and before we knew it the scarecrow display at Baddesley had become famous, with everyone wanting to see what we would do next. We’re really proud of this year’s display so pop down and take a look!"
- Mark Painting, one of the gardeners at Baddesley

The first large scale theme the team staged was an Olympic theme to commemorate the London Games in 2012. The gardens team have gone on to create famous Victorians to accompany the theme in the house and famous villains entitled ‘Infamy infamy! They’ve all got it infamy!'

Lady McChef looking after her vegetables
Lady McChef Scarecrow , Baddesley Clinton
Lady McChef looking after her vegetables

The scarecrows will be in the garden throughout the summer and autumn months so come and have a look – it’s a great photo opportunity.