Spring in the gardens at Baddesley Clinton

Border flowers at Baddesley

Lift your spirits and enjoy the delights of spring in the garden. From beds of colourful tulips to delicate apple blossom, our gardens are finally shaking off those winter blues

Primroses thrive along the damp shady bank
Close-up of primroses along the bank

One of the first spring flowers here at Baddesly are the primroses that grow in clusters along the banks. The damp shady conditions are perfect for primroses where they grow in small clusters.

The Primulas found in the wildflower meadow are especially lovely in spring, not only providing delightful colour but also cover and food for wildlife.  

Daffodils are the cheeriest of spring bulbs with their bright colours
Daffodils along the banks

Daffodils are the cheeriest of spring bulbs with their bright colours and can be seen in swathes all around the grounds, but look particularly lovely along the Church Walk. Early spring also brings displays of Iris Reticulata in the walled garden, where over 2000 bulbs have been planted.

As the weather warms and days begin to lengthen, carpets of woodland bluebells, especially along Church Walk, create a magical sight.

Delightful spring blossoming trees
Fruit trees in blossom

Take a gentle stroll in the walled garden or the newly planted orchard and be greeted with the delightful sight of a variety of trees in blossom.

Colourful tulips are a lovely sight in spring
Close-up of spring bulbs flowering

Our gardening team look forward to seeing the fruits of their winter labour in the gardens this spring. 3000 mixed tulips, hyacinths and narcissi have been planted in the annual boder and promise an impressive spring show, and will be at their best in April and May. Hellebores and Muscati are also among the many spring attractions.

Beautiful scented wisteria
Wisteria climbing up the walls in the courtyard

In late spring take a wander into the courtyard where the wisteria is a magnificent sight with its lovely trailing scented blooms.

We have been working on a Garden Conservation Plan over the last few years to help us to understand more about our outdoor spaces, their histories and stories over the centuries, and to allow us to prioritise and schedule work that is necessary to look after them for centuries to come. In 2018 we are looking forward to carrying out some of the work that we have identified in the Garden Conservation Plan and further updates on the work will be shared with you as it progresses.

Baddesley will remain open to visitors during this time but you may notice a few temporary alternative routes around the property to ensure the health and safety of our visitors, staff and volunteers.