Spring Wildlife at Baddesley Clinton

A pair of ducklings

Spring is a wonderful time of year to spot wildlife as it wakes up from the long winter sleep, and our 150 acres of parkland, farmland and woodland provide many different types of habitat for you to explore.

As the season progresses more and more baby animals and birds might be seen. Given the number of ducks which have made Baddesley their home, you are almost certain to see plenty of ducklings.

A Duckling on the water

Explore round our stew pond and you might spot some spawn. But is it frog spawn or toad spawn? It’s easy to tell – frog spawn comes in shapeless clumps, but toads lay theirs in neat strings.

Frog spawn on the left, toad spawn on the right

Not strictly wildlife, the sheep are owned and managed by our tenant farmer. It’s always lovely to watch the spring lambs gambolling around in the fields.

Watch the spring lambs in the fields

Take a stroll over to our bird screen which is hidden in the woodland – the staff in reception will be glad to give you directions. You should be able to spot busy birds collecting food for their chicks from the feeders.

A word of warning: don’t approach the Canada geese if they have young. They are very protective and will chase you off if you get too close!

A family of Canada geese
Canada geese

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