Ghost Tours at Baddesley Clinton

Ghostly goings-on

A house as old as Baddesley Clinton is almost bound to have many tales of the unexplained. Some of our tales date back centuries, others are much more recent.

The Lady in Grey is our most frequent visitor. Dressed in a long grey, black or dark green dress and sometimes carrying a candle she wanders the upstairs rooms, and occasionally appears in the Great Hall.

A portrait of a young officer with a white belt across his chest has appeared where no portrait ever hung before. In a wide gilded frame, glowing with its own light, it floats across the room before disappearing. Could it be the portrait of Major Thomas Ferrers who was killed when he fell from the ramparts at Cambrai where he was serving in 1817?

Footsteps, heavy breathing, tapping, thumping, knocking on the walls and even tearing cloth are some of the ghostly noises that have been heard in the house. In the library, often called The Ghost Room, watering cans have been upset; in the stewards’ room mugs of soup have flown up into the air and plates have suddenly and soundlessly fallen to the floor and broken.

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