Tudor feasting at Baddesley

Tudor feasting exhibition at Baddesley

No-one did celebrating like the Tudors, and at Baddesley Clinton this summer you'll have the chance to step back in time and sample the experience.

Shrovetide, Lammas, Michaelmas, Easter, May Day and Hallowtide are just some of the festivals which will be highlighted and celebrated.

Whitsun is one of the feasts which were celebrated
Whitsun is one of the feasts which were celebrated

In the Great Parlour you can learn more about the food enjoyed at the festivals, the church services and the customs followed at each feast. Discover what made them special to people and why some of them died out.

" John Gibson played upon his taber, in the kitchen, and he and his wyfe gave my folkes milk and flour to make them fritters and pancakes, and they brought me som, and I did eat a fritter and a pancake well strewed with sugar."
- Henry Ferrers the Antiquary

The exhibition runs until the end of the year.