Volunteer at Baddesley Clinton

Volunteers in front of Baddesley at the Antiques Roadshow

Volunteers at Baddesley are the lifeblood of the property and without them our visitors would miss out on their valuable contribution to how Baddesley and the stories which surround it are brought to life 363 days a year.

Baddesley has over 200 volunteers in varying roles and there are countless ways to volunteer and make an impact. Roles at Baddesley vary from room guides and retail assistants to visitor reception volunteers who welcome thousands of people a year to the property and flower arrangers who create wonderful displays in the house. Volunteering at Baddesley is the perfect way to make new friends and give something back to your local community.

Volunteers in the gardens at Baddesley
Volunteers in the gardens at Baddesley

Surrounded by gardens and countryside Baddesley Clinton is a place filled with dreams and adventure. The team is looking to recruit new volunteers who want to learn new skills, meet new people, make friends and most importantly want to play a vital role in sharing the love of this beautiful property with others.

What our volunteers think about Baddesley

Anne Dale, a day leader and conservation volunteer says, ‘I enjoy history and sharing this knowledge with other people. I chose to volunteer at Baddesley because it sits in its own parkland, quiet and peaceful like a hidden gem, not too big and not too small, my kind of place. My favourite part of volunteering is all the different people I get to meet and if I was to persuade a friend to volunteer, I’d say just do it, you will never regret it because it’s fun and you meet some very interesting people.’

Carol Preston, a room guide and archivist, shares why she loves to volunteer at Baddesley. ‘Since I was about four years of age I discovered the abbeys and castles of the North East of England and from then my interest in British history, especially the monarchy, just grew and grew. When I started as a room guide nothing had prepared me for the sheer joy I’d feel from making new friends and talking to like-minded people about this glorious house and its 500 year history.’

There are many volunteering roles to get stuck into at Baddesley
A volunteer in the Bookshop at Baddesley

Baddesley are looking for new people to volunteer in a variety of roles from conservation to catering and in retail. If you'd like to enquire about volunteering with us, please click on the link below.