Wildlife at Baddesley Clinton

Baddesley is home to many ducks

Now is the perfect time to get out and about in the great outdoors and see what wildlife you can spot on the grounds here at Baddesley.

Our  Bird Screen is situated out in the parkland, the perfect place to spot a variety of bird life.  The feeders are kept well stocked so there is always plenty to see and photograph.

Baddesley's Bird Screen
A quiet and secluded spot to do some bird watching
Baddesley's Bird Screen

 If you've taken any pictures we'd love to see what birds you've spotted - don't forget to share them on our social media channels! For directions to the Bird Screen please ask a member of staff at Visitor Reception.

Bird Watching

Practice makes perfect

If you’re confused between two species the best thing to do is to read about them and then seek each species out in its natural habitat. Once you've got a good description of the bird, and the more you experience a bird’s behaviour the better you’ll be at spotting it in the future.

There are robins around, but what other birds might you spot?
A robin ready for summer
There are robins around, but what other birds might you spot?


Listen out

Another way to identify different species is through their songs and, surprisingly, they are relatively easy to learn.You’ll already recognise blackbird, blue tit, chiffchaff and robin calls without even realising it. 

Bird-friendly gardens

A garden full of native shrubs, flowers and grasses and free of excessive fertilizer and pesticide will be much more inviting for birds and may tempt in some unusual ones. Don’t forget bird-friendly native plants such as rowan, wild cherry and elder – birds will love their berries and the insects they attract. 

If you do feed birds peanuts, crush them up first as young birds can choke on full-sized nuts. Overall the best approach is to feed birds foods that would naturally be growing at that time of year – seeds in the summer, nuts in the autumn.

If you take a stroll along to the Bird Screen, you are bound to come across some of our sheep. They're not exactly wildlife, but they're certainly amongst our resident animals!

Just chillin' on a warm day
Not quite wildlife!
Just chillin' on a warm day

Wildlife on the lake and stew ponds

Baddesley Clinton is well known for its resident ducks; although watch where you sit to eat your sandwiches as they have quite an appetite! If you’re lucky you’ll see the green flash of a dragonfly or a frog hopping by in the long grass.

There are lots of toads to be found under logs here at Baddesley
Toad sitting on a hand
There are lots of toads to be found under logs here at Baddesley