Bateman's Second-hand bookshop

Batemans Books for Boys Exhibition

Discover the second-hand bookshop at Rudyard Kipling's family home.

The bookshop is managed and run entirely by volunteers and all the money raised goes towards the conservation of the house and garden. Your donations all add up to make a big difference, helping to look after this special place

A fantastic collection of books
A row of books on a shelf
A fantastic collection of books

Take some time to browse the shelves, all carefully arranged into categories, to find something of interest. If you're an avid reader of books, there's bound to be something to catch your eye from recent bestsellers to older times. There's also a good collection of children's books from the last century that will bring back fond memories and capture the imagination of our younger visitors. 

Kipling collectables

The Scullery is now home to one of the largest collections of second-hand Kipling books, many of which have been out of print for a long time. What a lovely way to round off your visit to his house with a copy of one of his books, maybe more than 100 years old, for only £10-£15.  

The rest of the books are a mixture of novels pre 1960, plus cookbooks, biographies, poetry and lots of children’s books. These range from classics such as Heidi to Harry Potter, with the Famous Five in between.  

Second-hand books are transformed into fairy homes at Bateman's, East Sussex
Second-hand books are transformed into fairy homes and tree ornaments
Second-hand books are transformed into fairy homes at Bateman's, East Sussex

Our stock is donated by visitors who are downsizing or want somewhere their ‘pre-loved’ books will be appreciated – perhaps Grandpa’s collection. 
So come along and perhaps you’ll find a book you’ve been looking for that’s out of print.


We’re always grateful for donations of good quality books, so if you have any to spare, please drop them off at visitor reception or at the bookshop itself.