Late summer garden colour at Bateman's

Yellow and purple flowers in the front flower beds

Planning the garden to provide colour and interest for as much of the year as possible is quite a task. Our garden team here at Bateman's pride themselves on their choice of plants and shrubs to make the garden look good even in late summer.

Keeping summer colour alive in the garden

With the house and garden open 363 days a year, our garden team have a challenge to keep the interest and colour in the flower borders for as long a period as possible.

Headed up by our Head Gardener, Len Bernamont, the team has investigated the various areas of the garden to see if they can recreate Kipling's gardens at the same time as providing visitors with as much colour and variety of plants throughout the spring and then into the long, hot days of summer and onwards into the autumn.

Colour in the Mulberry garden

When many perennial borders are losing their main flush of colour, our Mulberry garden display will still be a riot of colour.

Beautiful late summer flower beds at Bateman's
Beautiful late summer flower beds at Bateman's
Beautiful late summer flower beds at Bateman's

This annual display is created with a mixture of flowers and vegetables, selected to provide a succession of interest for long periods throughout summer and well into September and October. Situated next to our tea room you'll be able to delight in favourites such as Tithonia rotundilolia, Mexican sunflower, with its joyful, bright orange flowers and ornamental gourds producing fruit in all shapes, sizes and colours.

The start of the harvest season

Elsewhere in the garden you'll find apples and pears ripening in both our main orchard as well as our newly planted traditional mill orchard. All our fruit varieties would have been available to the Edwardian gardener during Kipling's time at Bateman's. 

Bateman's bountiful harvest
Red apples on a branch
Bateman's bountiful harvest

Some of our early ripening apple varieties, such as Worcester Permain, Miller's Seedling, Devonshire Quarrenden and Laxton's Fortune will be available to buy from our Oast gift shop. We're also nearly ready to harvest our damsons which are always very popular.