Top spring garden tips from the Bateman's team

Batemans Tree Blossom

Our garden and estates team look forward to the arrival of spring and have been working hard to prepare the garden as it blossoms back into life after the winter. We asked them for their top tips for this season.

Our top tips for spring gardens

Head Gardener - Len

Len's top tip for this time of year is to consider planting for scent in your garden.

He says, "There are plenty of common garden plants you'd expect to get a sweet fragrance from, especially in summer, but here are some of my top tips for getting both scent and colour into your spring garden.

Plant lots of narcissi in an area of lawn, a mass planting of these flowers provides the subtle but unmistakeable scent of spring.

For early flowering shrubs with the most exquisite scene, try Viburnum x burkwoodii or Daphne bholua cultivars.

Finally, for those of you with bigger gardens, a must have is the deciduous yellow-flowered azalea, Rhododendron luteum.

A beekeeper inspects the hive at Bateman's in East Sussex

Gardener - Andy

Andy's favourite time of year is spring. As the days get longer and everything in the garden starts to come back to life he is keen to get out in the garden and tidy it up after the winter.

Andy says that this is a very busy time of year for the gardening team and his message for all keen gardeners is, "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail", so just like our garden team you need to be working hard at this time of year to get ahead of the game and ensure that you have a plan and stick to it.

Spring Flowers at Bateman's
Spring Flowers at Bateman's

Ranger - Kev

Kev's top tip for this time of year is aimed at nature lovers.

Kev says, " For nature lovers with gardens, my tip is to create some sort of water body in your garden. A pond would be perfect but even an old sink or tub sunk into the ground will soon be found by frogs, newts, dragon flies, water beetles and a host of other wildlife. Provide the habitat and they will come ......."

Spring at Bateman's
A view of the lily pond at Bateman's in East Sussex with blossoming trees behind.
Spring at Bateman's