Take a Look! at what's happening at Berrington in 2017

With parkland installations, indoor exhibitions and newly opened servant spaces, below stairs, there's so much to see and do this year. Explore the mansion, walk around acres of parkland, discovering Red Earth's artworks along the way, find a treat or two in the tea-room or discover some goodies in the gift shop.

Look! Look! Look!

Seek and 'yee' shall find, this year in the garden. With the support of Trust New Art and the Arts Council England, internationally renowned artists, Heather and Ivan Morison bring to life Berrington's walled garden with an eighteenth century inspired creation. Combining the history of Georgian fashions, and using research of how the family would have used the garden, from 10 June2017, they invite you to explore their pineapple inspired pavilion this summer. Go on take a look!

Look! Look! Look! - The current design for the pavilion
A sketch of the pavilion as it is hoping to look

War and Pieces by Bouke de Vries

Daily from the 11 February 2017, you can see Berrington's history come to life, with the internationally famous exhibition, 'War and Pieces', by Bouke de Vries in the Dining room. Displaying the battle that Lord Admiral Rodney was connected to, you can discover a key link to Berrington's Naval past.

Inspired by extravagant sugar sculptures traditionally displayed as a status symbol on wealthy dining tables during the seventeenth century which were later made from porcelain during the eighteenth century onwards. The piece takes the form of a war banquet and references the eighteenth and nineteenth century tradition of grand banquets given on the eve of battle.

The sculpture has been adapted to depict an element of Admiral Rodney's royal command and his part in the Berrington story.

War and Pieces by Bouke de Vries
War and Pieces by Bouke de Vries

Waste to waist - Frock On

If you are a lover of Georgian fashion then we have a treat lined up for you this year. We are joined by a group of inspiring women who are facing personal hardships. They have used their creative passion to form the sewing group, 'Frock on'. This wonderful sewing group is bringing some Georgian glamour to the upstairs of Berrington.

Some very delicate stitch work, using tricky techniques
embroidered peacock feather

Inspired by the Georgian style, they have created a series of waistcoats. However, these are period costumes with a twist. They are all created from up-cycled fabrics that would otherwise be wasted.

This creative and unique style is another way that we hope to take you one step closer to Berrington's Georgian origins. So come and turn back the clock with us, as Frock On turn 'Waste to waist'. Even Thomas Harley couldn't resist these outfits.

Red Earth - Genius Loci

In 2016 we celebrated 300 years of 'Capability' Brown. Now, in 2017, the artworks created by Red Earth for their 'Genius Loci' exhibition are complete and can be seen during a walk around the parkland. Why not stride into the landscape and discover these installations and the story behind them.