Create memories at Berrington this October

This month we want you to step into the orchard and get a taste for autumn during our Apple Month.

Things to find at Berrington

At Berrington we have a series of rare varieties of apple trees and we want you to come and enjoy them. Learn more about local traditions surrounding apples and the history of Berrington. On selected weekends you can experience apple demonstrations, apple themed goods from the tea-room, mulled cider and even horse and carriage rides. You can read more about Apple Month and our apple weekends in the article below.

The windfalls are all ready to be collected
A woman gathering windfalls from the orchard
The windfalls are all ready to be collected

Crime and Punishment week    

Saturday 27 October to Sunday 4 November, 10am to 4pm

This half-term we’re giving you the chance to experience something a little different here at Berrington. Come and learn all about the horrors of eighteenth century crime and punishment. We will have a gruesome trail for you to solve.

We are also offering you the chance to uncover the mystery of who committed a murder most foul here at Berrington in the 1700’s. Take on the role of eighteenth century detective and follow the clues around the site to try and reveal who killed the Head Gardener. This challenge is entirely new and it is a story that has never been told… until now. Do you think you can take up the challenge?

Trail £2.50, includes a prize. Normal admission applies.   

Who knows what you might uncover?
A black and white image of the business room
Who knows what you might uncover?

Live music

As part of our celebrations for Apple Month we are being joined on the 6 and 7 October by the String Workshop Quartet, who will be bringing us some of their traditional music. We are also filling the weekend with horse and carriage rides and apple demonstrations.

The courtyard toilets are getting a makeover 

From Monday 17 September

We have an exciting announcement for our visitors. From 17 September we will be refreshing and revamping of our bathroom facilities here at Berrington to ensure that our visitors get the most out of their visit. For this reason our main toilets will be closed from 17 September, but we will be having alternative facilities for our visitors to use during their visit.

We are looking forward to being able to improve this area of the visitors experience of Berrington, because without you're support we wouln't be able conserve and protect these special places. Every time you come to visit Berrington you are supporting our critical projects, such as our Walled Garden and Pleasure Grounds Restoration Project, so this is one way to say thank you.

Daily exhibitions and installations to discover

The Cawley Boys – We Will Remember Them

Wednesday 22 August to Sunday 11 November, 11am to 4pm

As 2018 marks the centenary of the end of the First World War, we are holding an exhibition to honour the memory of the lives that were lost. They Cawley family was unfortunate enough to lose 3 of their 4 sons. It is their story that we will be telling in this new exhibition, ‘The Cawley Boys – We Will Remember Them’.

Come and learn of their lives both in the trenches and at home in Berrington, and remember all of those who were lost.

Lord Cawley and his sons in front of the mansion
Lord Cawley and his four sons on horseback
Lord Cawley and his sons in front of the mansion

‘A Dress Fit for a King’

Daily, 11am to 4pm

Uncover the untold tale of Berrington’s extraordinary women, with a focus on Ann Bangham, the wife of Berrington’s original creator and the owner of an extraordinary dress.

Discover what it was like to be a women in this era and learn about what we know of Ann’s life and how we are using her court mantua dress to give her a three dimensional form once again. On selected days you can even see the conservators piecing this rare piece of the past back together. Why not come and discover more?

‘Eye am She’ by Lorna J Brown

Daily, 11am to 4pm

Working closely with the story of Ann Bangham and the ideas behind ‘A Dress Fit for a King’, local artist, Lorna J Brown has brought us her artwork, ‘Eye am She’. Discover how Brown has drawn on elements of eighteenth century culture, such as the ‘Secret Language of Flowers’ and the rise of a ‘celebrity culture’ in this era. See how she has combined these elements to reflect on the life that Ann led at Berrington and invites you to do the same with this thought provoking piece.

You can read more about both of these new pieces in the, ‘Art to discover’ article at the bottom of the page.

A picture of the hollyhocks that are part of the centrepiece of the bed close up


Last year, with the support of Trust New Art and the Arts Council England, internationally renowned artists, Heather and Ivan Morison brought Berrington's walled garden to life with an eighteenth century inspired Pavilion. They combined their research of Georgian fashions, culture and how the family might have used the garden as the inspiration for the ‘LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!’ pavilion.

Discover this unique installation in the walled garden by internationally renowned artists, Heather and Ivan Morison
The 'LOOK!' pavilion with th eblue sky behind it
Discover this unique installation in the walled garden by internationally renowned artists, Heather and Ivan Morison

Positioned in the centre of the walled garden, ‘LOOK!’ offers you a space in which to take in the natural surroundings and enjoy the gardens. Throughout the summer you can enjoy live music and talks inside it, which is exactly how pavilions such as these were used in the eighteenth century.

Tea-room and gift shop

Our gift shop and tea-room are the perfect way to complete your trip to Berrington. From a hot meal made with Berrington’s garden produce, to a new scarf with the latest National Trust design, there’s bound to be something that you can enjoy.

You could even pay a visit to our Second Hand Bookshop to find yourself a bargain. This would be a great way to contribute to the Walled Garden and Pleasure Ground Restoration Project too.

An original map of the designs of the grounds of berrington

Berrington’s Georgian Garden Restoration 

We're beginning a new project to conserve and restore the Walled Garden and Pleasure Grounds which are the last known masterpiece designed by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown