50 things to do before you're 11¾ this autumn

A child playing with stick outdoors

From finding bugs to wild creating, with the seasons changing there's lots of 50 things outdoor adventures at Canons Ashby. Come along and see how many you can complete.


Our paddock, gardens and parkland combine to make a great outdoor adventure space. Pick up a chart from visitor reception and get some ideas for making life-long memories for all the family.

Autumn fun, who will win?
Girls playing conkers
Autumn fun, who will win?

No. 10 Play conkers

Search out the horse chestnut trees in the parkland or by visitor reception and see if you can find some shiny conkers. Take some conkers home to play and go nuts!

No. 18 Create some wild art

Find some sticks, leaves and other natural fallen things (conkers? pine cones? Whatever is there!) and arrange them into some beautiful art on the ground. Can you make a picture, or a unusual, striking pattern? Let your imagination run wild.

Taking a closer look
Canons Ashby boy looking at bug in jar
Taking a closer look

No.31 Make friends with a bug

Take a walk in our spinney, pick up some leaves and see if you can find any creepy crawlies underneath. Have a look at our insect hotels - do you think you can make one at home?


Would you like some more ideas?

Have a look through your 50 things list (available from our visitor reception) to see all the great things you can do before you're 11¾. Enjoy some family adventure time and don't forget to collect 'completed' stickers for every challenge.

Visit us again in a few months to try our suggestions for other seasons and in the meantime keep an eye on our what's on page for special 50 Things events coming up.

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