Dogs at Canons Ashby

Dog walking at Canons Ashby

It's great to see dogs at Canons Ashby and your four-legged friend on a lead is very welcome in our parkland, paddock and tea-room garden.

There are plenty of water bowls dotted about the whole site to keep your pups hydrated, and outdoor taps to refill them or your water bottles if you need some more. There is also a hosepipe near the coach house shop which you are welcome to use if your pup has got a bit too enthusiastic in the mud!

If you have any questions please have a chat with a member of the team on your way in, who will be happy to help you so you and your dog are comfortable during your visit.

Discover beautiful walks

Surrounded by iconic South Northamptonshire countryside and only a stone's throw away from the northernmost point of the Cotswolds, Canons Ashby is surrounded by beautiful outdoor spaces. Our parkland and nearby fields are full of interesting archaeological features and lovely views for our human visitors to examine, and interesting smells for our canine visitors.

Many of the public footpaths nearby have blocked off the space under the stiles to prevent lambs from escaping, so dogs need to be carried over. If you are able to carry your dog over these stiles, there are four walks you can go on starting at Canons Ashby. Speak to someone at Visitor Reception for more details or have a look at the link at the bottom of this page.

What to do with the poo?

There is a dog poo bin by the entrance to the parkland near visitor reception. Please ask Visitor Reception for directions if you can't find it. This is the only poo bin we have at the moment. We really appreciate you using this rather than the normal bins.


Livestock frequently graze around Canons Ashby, so we ask you to be mindful while walking your dog, especially if they are on an extendable lead. There should be plenty of interesting smells to explore and creatures to look at.

Where can't we go?

Although your four legged friends are welcome in most of the site, even in the shop or church! We ask that you please don't take them into the formal garden, indoors in the tea room (they are welcome in the tea-garden) or into the historic house itself.